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Tobacco Control Directive English version March 2015WHEREAS, tobacco products have serious health, social, economic and environmental consequences; WHEREAS, tobacco consumption has been scientifically confirmed to cause serious ailments including cancer, respiratory disease, cardiac and blood vessel diseases; disability as well as …April 19, 2019
National Drug Policy…….Based on economic development and the living standard of its people Ethiopia is considered to be one of the least developed countries. Although the fundamental cause for this is the backward socio-economic system which prevailed …April 8, 2019%e1%8d%96%e1%88%8a%e1%88%b2%e1%8b%8e%e1%89%bd %e1%8d%96%e1%88%8a%e1%88%b2%e1%8b%8e%e1%89%bd%e1%8d%a3-%e1%88%95%e1%8c%8e%e1%89%bd-%e1%8a%a5%e1%8a%93-%e1%8b%b0%e1%8a%95%e1%89%a6%e1%89%bd