Contact Information

Operator land line of FMHACA; 011-552-41-22
The Operator line is the main contact point for the FMHACA, providing a dedicated phone line
and extension services. It is staffed Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm (GMT+3).
   Telephone: +251-11-552-41-22
        P.O.Box 5681
        Fax: +251-11-552-13-92
        Addis Ababa
    Director General
        Tel: 011-552-41-20
    Deputy Director General of Standard and Licensing
        Tel: 011-552-26-82
    Deputy Director General of Inspection and Enforcement
        Tel: 011-553-82-47
    Regulatory Standards Setting and Information Delivery Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-41-18 
    Priduct Registration and Licensing Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-27-50
   Inspection and Surveillance Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-41-16
    Health Institution and Professional Licensing Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-32-06
    Product Quality Assesment Directorate
        Tel: 011-859-22-03
    Medico Legal Service Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-41-15 
 Change Manegment Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-34-93
    Human Resource Manegment Directorate 
          Tel: 011-552-34-74
     Finance and Procurement Management Directorate
        Tel: 011-552-13-93
     Gender Directorate
          Tel: 011-859-22-19 
    Public Relation and Communication Office
         Tel: 011-552-25-47   
    Property and General Service Directorate
     Audit Directorate
         Tel: 011-859-22-21
    Central Branch Office
         Tel: 011-859-22-17
    North Branch Office Mekele
        Tel: 034-440-67-58
    North Western Branch Office Bahir Dar
        Tel: 058-820-93-09
    South Branch Office Hawassa
        Tel: 046-220-55-17
    South Western Office Jimma
        Tel: 047-111-49-27
    East Branch Office Dire Dawa
        Tel: 025-12-97-42 

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New Office Building

FMHACA Head Quarter, Africa Avenue,

near Wollo Sefer by the side of SHOA Shoping Center

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