Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the requirements and procedures to import and distribute drugs? Answer

  • Obtain certificate of competence from the Authority
  • Register the drugs, or medical supplies or instruments through the Authority
  • Purchase order of products to be imported should be approved by the Authority
  • Port-clearance permit should be obtained to clear imported product from port of entry
  • Drug products should only distributed to authorized institutions and according to their level

2. What are the requirement and procedures to import donated drugs? Answer

  • If it's an NGO - Register and obtain a permit to work in the country
  • Contractual agreement with the recipient institution
  • Obtain pre-import approval from FMHACA of written requisition from the recipient health institutions or health bureaus to ensure the fulfillment of quality and other regulatory requirement
  • Import the registered products
  • Distribute the imported products only to authorized health institutions according to their level

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