Inspection and Serveillance Directorate

About us
Inspection and surveillance directorate is one of the directorates organized under the Authority. This directorate is mandated to perform inspection of health and controllable health related institutions, control illegal food, medicine and health and health related services, undertake inspection of health professionals, complementary and alternative health practitioners, ensure proper disposal of unfit for use products, conduct post marketing surveillance and undertake regulatory actions as per the findings, ensure recall and withdrawal of products that are deemed to be unfit for use.

Functions of the directorate

  1. Undertake inspection of premises and establishments of food and pharmaceutical importers and/or wholesalers. 
  2. Undertake inspection of specialized hospitals at federal level.
  3. Undertake inspection of health related facilities at federal level.
  4. Undertake inspection of trans-regional diagnostic, food and medicine quality control laboratories.
  5. Undertake inspection of health professionals.
  6. Undertake inspection and ensure handling and disposal of trans-regional solid/liquid wastes.
  7. Ensure proper disposal unfit for use food, medicine and their raw materials.
  8. Undertake and coordinate post marketing surveillance
  9. Ensure recall and withdrawal of defective and/or unsafe products.

Professionals of the directorate
Inspection and surveillance directorate strives to offer quality regulatory services in the pursuit of protecting public health and environment through its competent and dedicated staffs. Currently the directorate consists of a food technologist, pharmacists, environmental health professionals, medical doctor, public health laboratory technologist, biomedical engineer  and secretary.

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