Training on rational drug use is given with respect to establishing DTC in private hospitals

FMHACA in collaboration with MSH/SPS have provided three round trainings from July 13-16, 2011- (Adama German Hotel, Adama), September 14-17, 2011 and September 19-22, 2011 at Ayu International Hotel, Adama. A total of 89 participants attended the training of which 79 participants were from private hospitals (43 pharmacist, 23 physicians, 11 nurses and 2 health officer), 6 from FMHACA branch offices and 4 from regional health bureaus. The objective was to promote the proper medicines use through rational prescribing and dispensing of medicines by creating awareness among Physicians, pharmacy professionals, Health officers and Nurses working at private Hospitals and establishing DTC at private hospitals as one means to promote proper medicines use.

All the topics presented were carefully selected as to their significance in serving the purpose of the training and they were delivered by trainers who are known to have knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. Furthermore the participants were also divided into groups to discuss and present their findings on exercises. Various questions, suggestions and concerns were raised by the participants in each session of the trainings and discussions were also carried out.

Finally the participants were divided into their respective hospitals and developed, discussed and presented their action plan that would help them to improve proper medicine use through establishing DTC. The action plan they have developed contains DTC contact person, Objectives, Opportunities and challenges regarding DTC implementation.

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